My name is Mykola Grymalyuk, or more commonly known as khronokernel. I do a lot of work around macOS and hackintoshes, including co-founding Dortania. This blog is less focussed on Hackintosh and Acidanthera news, for that I recommend checking out Dortania’s dedicated site:

How did you get started with hackintoshes?

To not bore you too much, I’ll try to give a semi-simple timeline. More in-depth history can be found just by going through my Github and Reddit history ;p

When I was 13, my mother was dating a guy at the time who was an Apple enthusiast and collector. He did laptop repairs before and had gifted me a 2011 13” MacBook Air (MacBookAir4,2) running Mavericks. That was my first experience with OS X.

A few months later, I found an old Acer Aspire(Core2 Quad Q6600) sitting by the side of a dumpster with a monitor. We took it in and the machine still worked! My mom’s boyfriend already had his own hackintosh in a PowerMac G5 case, so I decided I wanted to try that out as well on my new PC. I first started out with tonymacx86’s iBoot and running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and was an unsurprising headache to setup with how sparse good documentation was.

From there, hackintoshing was mostly a casual hobby for a few years. In late 2018 however, I became much more active in the community. My first big contribution was the Mojave GPU buyers Guide where I documented the numerous GPUs supported in Mojave at the time. This spiraled out more into the old sites and eventually the Dortania organization we know today!

Where did the name Dortania and Khronokernel come from?

  • Dortania: DhinakG(the other co-founder) and I wanted a name that was unique, easy to find as well as have some relation to the Acidanthera flower.

  • Khronokernel: This one is a bit more complicated, as the name revolves around my chronic illness. I have Crohn’s disease and back in 2019, I had the idea to make an app that would help track your stool output, Chrono Colon! The app never released officially, however, the name stuck with me so much that I wanted to re-incorporate it into my “professional” account. So I merged my love for messing with Apple’s XNU kernel with the time theme from Chrono Colon to make Khronokernel!