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How to disable your unsupported GPU for macOS

So you got your shiny new RTX 2080ti BLOWYMATRON edition but you’ve probably noticed there’s currently no support for your GPU in MacOS Mojave. Well for those who are running Maxwell, Pascal or Turing GPUs there is still some hope for you with options to spare!

This is an information thread, for discussion please visit the r/hackintosh thread: How to disable your unsupported GPU for macOS


BIOS Settings

For those planning on using an iGPU, make sure to have the following enabled in your BIOS:

And make sure to have your displays connected to the motherboards display outs

Can I use the iGPU for rendering but the video outs of my dGPU?

Unfortunately not, and the reason being is actually quite similar to how Nvidia’s Optimus technology functions. You would first need a way to grab/encode the iGPU’s signal, send it towards the discrete GPU, then have said GPU decode the signal and display it. One small problem, decoding the signal would require proper GPU acceleration which your unsupported GPU doesn’t have. So you will need to use your motherboard’s video out ports no matter what

Which Options should I choose?

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

OpenCore Users

For those running OpenCore, I highly recommend reading the Disabling GPU Guide found in the OpenCore guide as this has specific OSI fixes for SSDTs